CE Week NY attendees will be the first to experience the PaperTube  app, developed by a leading smartpen developer, NeoLAB  Convergence

June 20, 2018

CE Week, New York – June 20, 2018​ – Write as you would with Neo smartpen  M1, and see your handwritten notes appear identically on your smart device in  real-time. Neo smartpen M1 feels and looks like a traditional pen, measuring  only, 10.4mm in thickness, significantly slimmer than other smart pens on the  market. NeoLAB Convergence, creator of the Neo smartpen, is joining CE  Week 2018 to showcase the Neo smartpen M1 and its compatible app  ‘PaperTube’. 
Neo smartpen M1, the latest addition to Neo smartpen line, works in tandem  with N notebooks, powered by NeoLAB Convergence’s patented Ncode  technology and the accompanying application, Neo Notes. Neo smartpen M1  recognizes any handwritten notes, on which page of which book, and digitizes  that content. Through the Neo Notes application, available on Windows, iOS  and Android, you can organize, record, edit, share, backup to Google Drive,  and automatically upload your content to a variety of cloud platforms like  Google Drive, Evernote and Adobe CC to further enhance creative ideas.
Not only does the Neo smartpen M1 boost productivity, but it also helps your  creativity spark. With the ‘PaperTube’ app, you can instantly record everything  from handwritten notes to motions in one-shot video. PaperTube is an  affordable, portable and easy-to-use video creation tool that allows anyone  who has own stories to make a smooth one-shot video. It has the ability ​to  shoot video while capturing what you write or draw either on Ncode papers or  on your PDF materials, and the ability to make one-shot video without having  to edit the original by instantly adding in some basic sound effects and video  effects.    
To use the PaperTube, you need a Neo smartpen and Ncode A4 papers. ​Inside  the Ncode A4 paper package, you will find the PaperTube Controller, a paper-made app controller. The PaperTube Controller allows you to select the  app’s key functionalities without having to tap on the screen with your fingers. 
With the controller, you can start and finish recording, zoom in and out, add  sound effects to the video, change the pen type, and adjust the color and  thickness of the pen stroke.   
“When it comes to expressing ideas, we believe that there is nothing more  natural and accurate than grabbing a pen and putting it on paper,” said Dr.  Eddie Lee, co-founder and CTO at NeoLAB Convergence. “Our goal is to  expand our accompanying applications to provide a wide variety of smartpen  experience for our users.”    
The app works with both Neo smartpen M1 and Neo smartpen N2. They carry  the same functionalities, but the only difference is the design. M1 is slim,  lightweight and the fiberglass body so it feels like any other ballpoint pen,  whereas N2 looks premium as it is an all-aluminum body.     
PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: Neo smartpen M1 and N notebooks, the Ncode printed notebooks, are  currently available for purchase through Neo smartpen store –  http://shop.neosmartpen.com​ and Amazon US.    
Neo Notes is available for free download from Google Play, App store, and  Microsoft Store.   PaperTube is available for free download from Google Play and App store.