June 14, 2013

‘Snowcat’ is a lovely character from ‘www.snowcat.co.kr,’ who likes to ponder upon interactions between others and the emotions that come with the small events of the daily slice of life. It has made appearances in various graphic novels such as ‘You, my cat(Mojosa Publishing, 2011),’ ‘Eraser(The Open Books Co., 2009),’ ‘Snowcat In New York(Ahn Graphics, 2004),’ ‘To the Cat(Bada Books, 2004),’ ‘Snowcat – Playing Alone(The Open Books Co., 2001),’ and also been published in France, Italia, and China.

As a leading webtoon character of South Korea, Snowcat is also now making its appearance on NeoLAB Convergence’s ‘dotcode’ ready notebooks for its Neo1 smartpen. The ‘dotcode’ ready notebooks, while appearance looks like a simple paper notebook, can be used in tune with the Neo1 smartpen through its application on smart devices to send any thought, drawing, or equation written on the notebook via bluetooth to the smart devices. The Snowcat notebook will be available at the NeoLAB Store(http://store.neolab.kr) or the Snowcat website starting end of this June.