NeoLAB convergence to participate in upcoming Seoul Cyberspace Conference 2013 to display its Neo1 Smartpen and NETs SMART Classroom solution

October 17, 2013

SEOUL – October 17, 2013 – Seoul Cyberspace Conference 2013 will be held at Coex, Seoul from October 17(Thu) to 18(Fri) under the main theme “Global Prosperity through an Open and Secure Cyberspace”. Approximately 800 delegates from more than 90 countries attend the conference to discuss issues on cyberspace. Exhibition will also be held along the conference to promote Korean ICT companies in global market and to enhance the nation’s position via global network.

NeoLAB Convergence Inc.(, a company that develops educational contents using .Code®, is invited to participate in Seoul cyber 2013 to show its optical Smartpen, ‘Neo1’ and Smart Classroom solution ‘NETs’.

Over the course of years NeoLAB Convergence has been developing digilog products, ICT Edu Toys and Touch&Play™ products that can playback sound or videos via .Code® technology, with various educational and publishing companies * The conference on Cyberspace will focus on economic growth and development, cyber security, social and cultural benefits, cyber crime, international security and capacity building. Following London and Budapest, the third host of the conference is Seoul.

***.Code® is patented technology that utilizes paper with small dots barely visible to the human eye which represents coordinates on the paper and using a pen-type device to recognize the code to link it to multimedia and databases. Comparable technologies such as barcodes or QR-codes share similar principles.

The ‘Neo1’ smartpen is an enhanced form of .Code® technology, which transcribes anything written on paper via wireless technology online. It is composed of a pen, note, and application and enables users to view contents written on notes on their smart devices. With the device, users can easily share any contents written on .Code® embedded paper on SNS such as Facebook and Twitter via Bluetooth technology. Also the contents can be shared via email by a simple check on the email icon on the note. Additionally the .Code® can be manufactured into a film-type product that will allow usage of the Smartpen on any digital device.

The ‘Neo1’ Smartpen has been developed to connect natural human habits of writing, reading and consulting their writings that have been hindered by the sudden emergence of digital devices. Among all kinds of digital pens, the Neo1 Smartpen is the only device worldwide that can be written on digital display as well as on paper.

In general cases, e-book and multimedia materials for smart learning solution is provided in digital devices (interactive board, tablet PC, Smartphone); however, using only digital devices in an educational environment may cause negative influence on learner’s writing habit. The learning solution NETs with Neo1 Smartpen is a new system that strengthen the strength and make up for the weakness of existing SMART Classroom solution. This system enables learners to use, write on paper publications with Neo1 Smartpen in digitalized education environment. Cutting edge technology carries not only advantages for effective education, but also disadvantages including addictions on Smart devices and poor learning progress which remain a major task for Smart classroom solution.

The concept of NETs is to widen the opportunity for children to expand their creativity and imagination as a solution to digital text books while maintaining the hands on experience of traditional study methods. NETs solution made applying traditional study method possible to LMS (Learning Management System) that enables learners to learn more effectively.

NeoLAB Convergence Inc. is a company established by CEO Sanggyu Lee, also co-founder of Korea’s leading venture company ‘Neowiz,’ in Februaray 2009, and is a ‘Total Serviceware’ company that provides core modules, device, solutions, designs and customer service.