October 4, 2014

Sydney, 4th Oct 2014- NeoLAB Sydney studio (www.neosmartpen.com) launched a crowd-funding campaign on a world’s largest funding platform, Kickstarter last Thursday (Sep 25th) to raise AU$20,000 for its innovative optical smartpen, N2. N2 smartpen(“N2”) project which has been selected as a Kickstarter “Staff pick”, reached its fundraising goal just in two days and has raised over 650% of the initial goal.

The N2 smartpen-the world’s slimmest optical pen measuring 11.8mm(0.46”)diameter-will be launched at the end of this month by NeoLAB Convergence.

The core value of N2 is “anything you write or draw with N2 gets digitized, stored and shared.” Whatever has been written on paper sent to companion App via Bluetooth, where it then can easily be organized, shared on SNS, and automatically synchronized to Evernote.

That’s not all. There are much more interesting functions N2 and App provide. Application recognizes and stores the environmental conditions such as location, date & time and weather, of the time when writing with N2. All archived data can easily be searched by setting a tag on each page. Also, the handwritten notes are instantly recognized and converted to digital text, and users can highlight the digital text to look up the meaning on dictionary. These smart functions allow users to archive their handwritten data easier and more convenient than ever.

Here are more functions that artists would love to see. The N2 not only captures handwriting, but does so in a highly accurate manner because of its high resolution image sensing capability, sufficient image processing power and a sensitive pressure sensor. This capability makes it possible to use the N2 for works of art. Sketches done with the N2 not only can be digitized instantly in a vector format and edited later in digital form, but also can be replayed to show exactly how each stroke was created.

Neo Smartpen N2 brings convenience in life for those who cannot give up writing on paper. The device works with iOS, Android, and Windows.

“Writing or drawing with a pen on paper is one of the oldest ways to capture, store and share one’s thought. Yet, it still remains one of the most effective way to record ideas with minimal disruption to one’s thought process.” said Eddie Lee, CTO of NeoLAB. “I am beyond honored and delighted to see this project getting a lot of support and attention from many backers. N2 Smartpen will let you scribble down any idea whenever, wherever and in any way just like you would do with an ordinary pen and paper. ” The campaign, “N2 Smartpen” runs for 12 more days-Oct 17th. Click here to support N2 Smartpen! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/749212640/n2-writingexperience-as-a-pen-with-digital-conven?ref=nav_search