May 25, 2015

Shanghai, China – Mar 25, 2015 – Neo smartpen( unveils its N2 at Shanghai Education Expo 2015( held in Shanghai, China from April 9 to 12.

Neo smartpen N2 is simple: just write as you would with any other pen, and N2 will automatically turn on, recognize what you are writing on which page of which book, and digitize that content. Through the accompanying Neo Notes application, users can organize, share, and upload their content to third party applications like Evernote, Dropbox and Illustrator to further enhance creative ideas.

With its slim, ergonomic design, N2 – a 2015 iF Design Award winner – looks cool and feels comfortable in a user’s hand. It works in tandem with NeoLAB Convergence’s patented notepaper and the Neo Notes app.

N2 can be used for an interactive e-learning system, such as, an interactive white board. Using Neo smartpen N2 in e-learning system is an efficient way of making interactive educational environment. Instead of using a ordinary pen and paper, use N2 and its companion app to enhance the learning interactive. This change will enable you to archive, restore, share and edit your learning materials and will bring serviceability to the learning environment.

“Expectations are high for what will be our first stepping stone toward China market, and this exhibition will be a great chance to collect customer responses to our company and products,” said Steve Sanggyu Lee, CEO of NeoLAB Convergence. “Korea is famous for its IT technology and education fever, so I am confident of introducing our ‘Made in Korea’ products with its advanced technology and efficacious teaching solution.”

Key Features:  Digitalize, share, save, organize and search handwritten notes or even convert into digital text in 15 languages*  Automatically sync content with Evernote, or upload to third party applications like Adobe Illustrator and Dropbox  With one simple tap on a page in the notebook, email notes to friends and colleagues  Pressure recognition automatically turns N2 on and off, eliminating the need to press a button  Organize and sort notes by notebook, tag, or calendar  Record and playback audio in the Neo Notes app that is synced to pen strokes  The Neo Notes application is available on iOS and Android devices

*15 languages are English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian, and Turkish

Exhibition and booth details – 2015 第十二届上海教育博览会 – 举办时间:2015/4/9-2015/4/12 – 举办展馆:上海展览中心 上海市延安中路 1000 号 2164 室 乘车路线