Leading Smartpen Developer Showcases Academic Technology at Leading Education Event, Including Neo smartpen N2, N School Note, N Board and Sound Pens

January 14, 2016

LONDON – Jan. XX, 2016 – NeoLAB Convergence Inc., developer of leading educational devices, including the award-winning Neo smartpen N2, sound pens and more, announced today that the company is exhibiting at the BETT Show 2016, the world’s leading education technology event taking place in the UK on January 20, 2016. Located at stand number E220F, NeoLAB will be showcasing the educational solutions and services of Neo smartpen N2, N School Note, N Board and sound pens.

Neo smartpen N2 provides users with the familiar experience of writing with a normal pen, while combining it with smart technology to capture all written ideas directly to a smartphone or tablet. With the Neo Notes app, users can instantly transform their written ideas into digital content and new features include in-app and paper editing offerings, which provides a comprehensive and instructive user experience, perfect for an education setting.

“We can’t think of a better place to demonstrate the capabilities of Neo smartpen N2, N School Note, N Board and sound pens,” said Dr. Eddie Lee, co-founder and CTO at NeoLAB. “BETT is full of educational innovations and technology and we are confident that educators, buyers and school governors alike will appreciate the benefits of these tools.”

In addition to Neo smartpen N2, NeoLAB will be showcasing N School Note, a smart school solution for all educational institutions, N Board, an economical, easy-to-install, interactive whiteboard, and educational reading tools such as sound pens and mini beam projectors.

With N School Note, teachers are able to monitor students’ work in real-time. Both teachers and students can tag notes by subject, categorize important content, record lectures and playback audio afterwards.

KEY N SCHOOL NOTE FEATURES: • The NSN package – comes with a Neo smartpen N2 and the software, which includes N School Note to install on students’ smart devices, N Docu Direct for printing and N Docu Pusher for teachers to supervise the class • Real-time monitoring – examine students’ classwork as it’s completed and provide prompt feedback and one-on-one interaction • Pen and paper user experience – sustain conventional teaching and learning techniques • Replay writing – watch how students work through and solve problems with replay mode • Save as video file – voice record while writing and replay later • Easy to use – print Ncode paper using N Docu Direct, have students write with Neo smartpen N2 and give instant feedback on students’ work

N Board differs from other interactive whiteboards, as it is economical, easy to install, flexible in board size and has a stylus pen that can write directly on the board. N Board requires a beam projector that is sold separately.

KEY N BOARD FEATURES: • The N Board package – comes with an Ncode-patterned whiteboard, Neo smartpen N2, an N Palette mini remote controller, software for paring Neo smartpen N2 to the PC and Bluetooth dongle • Easy to use – install the software to the PC and the Ncode-patterned board, connect N2 to the PC via Bluetooth, follow instructions to calibrate and it’s ready to use

NeoLAB has been working with educational publishers worldwide to bring paper contents to life with digital technology.

PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: Neo smartpen N2 and NcodeTM notebooks are currently available for purchase on Amazon.com (US) and www.thesmartpenshop.com (UK). Neo Notes is available for free download. Android and iOS users can download the app by visiting Google Play or the App Store.

ABOUT NEOLAB CONVERGENCE INC. NeoLAB Convergence Inc., the creator of Neo smartpen N2, is an award-winning designer and developer of digital pens using its patented NCodeTM technology for the consumer, education and enterprise markets. Neo smartpen N2 launched in

the international market via a Kickstarter campaign in September 2014, raising 20 times its initial funding goal within just three weeks. For more information about Neo smartpen N2 and case studies, visit http://www.neosmartpen.com/en or follow on Facebook and Twitter.