NeoLAB Convergence will participate in Inno Design Tech Expo 2012 to introduce its awardwinning brand ‘ICT Edu Toy’ which is selected as Good Design and At&D Korea

December 6, 2012

Hong Kong- 6, December 2012- NeoLAB Convergence will participate in Inno Design Tech Expo 2012 held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 6th Dec to 8th Dec 2012. By receiving support from The Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP), NeoLAB Convergence will display the innovative products that are selected as Design for Kids (Good design award).

The 8th Inno Design Tech Expo is an international exposition where visitors can glance over the latest practical technologies and design solutions. This event will certainly be a large-scale exposition expecting over 55 countries worldwide and more than 15,000 trade visitors as the year of 2012 is the Hong Kong Design Year (HKDY), which is presented by the HKSAR Government.

In addition, NeoLAB Convergence’s brand, ICT Edu Toy, also received an AT&D Korea (Advanced Technology & Design) award from The Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) and KIDP for its advanced technology and design.

The company supplies various devices of ICT Edu Toy to major publishing and education companies in Korea, such as, Kyowon Kumon, Woonjin ThinkBig, Hermannhesse Korea, Samsung Publisher, Tuntun English, Iconix Entertainment and English EGG. ‘ICT Edu Toy’ is a compound word using ICT (Information & Communication Technology) and Edu Toy (Education Toy), and this exclusive brand of NeoLAB Convergence has innovative technology that applies digital technologies to education toy.

The convergence of ICT technology and contents produces a great teaching device. With ICT Edu Toy, children can experience interactive multi-media contents that stimulate children’s emotion as well as senses, including sight, hearing and touch, and thus it naturally promotes children’s development. Moreover, children can gain educational effect through playing with attractive and inseparable education toys.

The award-winning ICT Edu Toy devices, which will be shown in this upcoming exposition, are based on dot code (.Code®) technology.

“Expectations are high for what will be our first stepping stone toward overseas expansion, and this exhibition will be a great chance to collect customer responses to our company and products. Also, ICT Edu Toy will achieve worldwide public recognition as it has already achieved recognition in Korea by winning renowned awards –Good Design and AT&D Korea,” said Steve Sanggyu Lee, CEO of NeoLAB Convergence. “Korea is famous for its IT technology and education fever, so I am confident of introducing our ‘Made in Korea’ products with its advanced technology and efficacious teaching device.”