May 21, 2014

Neo.1 Smartpen consists of a Smartpen, dotcode(.Code® ) paper and a companion android application. The product enables any written notes on paper to appear on a screen of smart mobile devices. In Japan, digital office supplies consisting of compatible items are the up-and-coming trends in Office Supply industry. All smartpen users and trend leaders should pay a close attention to this product.

Once pairing neo.1 Smartpen with a compatible device is done, all writings on dotcode paper will be transmitted to a paired device via Bluetooth in almost real time. Transmitted notes are archived instantly in a companion application, nNote and can be shared using mail, Social Network Service(SNS) and cloud service like Evernote.

Thanks to neo.1 Smartpen’s sleek ergonomic design and its high performance, users can use the product to write and draw as like using an ordinary ballpoint pen. Neo.1 Smartpen is widely recognized as a handy drawing tool because it is sensitive enough to sense the pen pressure up to 256steps and its optical camera captures everything written or drawn on paper.

Moreover, the smartpen solution can be used with an interactive e-learning system. Using neo.1 Smartpen in e-learning system is an efficient way of making interactive educational environment. Instead of using pen and paper, use smartpen and dotcode paper. This little change will enable users to archive, restore, share and edit their learning materials and bring serviceability to their learning environment.

NeoLAB Corporation is looking for B2B alliance partners who wish to apply smartpen solution to their service. The company is able to customize the product upon request, such as, changing the color of product cover and printing CI on surface. This condition may depend on the order quantity.

Exhibition and booth details  Fair : Educational IT Solutions Expo(EDIX)(  Date(Time): May 21-23, 2014(10:00~18:00)  Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan  Booth location: East Hall 1, Educational Equipment/Hardware zone 4-14 NeoLAB Corporation

For more information, please visit:  neo.1 Smartpen page  NeoLAB Corporation official website