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We provide one-stop services, from foundational technology to planning, design, development, production, distribution, and customer support. Recognized for the superb technology and design, our products lead in the domestic sound pen market and the international smartpen market. Based on our years of experience and expertise, NeoLAB Convergence connects the analog with the digital, providing the ultimate customized services.

 Diverse applications of Ncode technology

Our technologies, products, and services can be applied to a wide variety of fields, including education, publishing, stationery, medical, manufacturing, and finance. Applications of products and Ncode technology:



The legendary Italian notebook, Moleskine, transformed from a traditional, analog company into a hybrid when they collaborated with NeoLAB Convergence. The Smart Writing System has become globally popular as an evolved form of analog media.



The signature black head and white body of Korea’s very first ball-point pen, Monami 153, is replicated exactly with Neo smartpen. Check out Monami Neo smartpen edition, the combination of Monami’s iconic design and Neo smartpen’s digital technology.



Kyowon Kumon

Smartkumon records the entire process of children’s problem solving to analyze their learning patterns and provide learning systems customized to their individual and skill sets. When the kids use K pen, the writing is digitalized instantly. K eraser can remove both physical and digital writing.


The subscribers of Mbest Elihigh, the leading internet lecture service for elementary and middle school students, can simply tick a checkmark on the number of lecture they wish to watch. This way, they can choose to watch only the necessary lectures, improving productivity and managing study time efficiently.


Smartssen, which provides study guides for elementary school students, offers interactive learning services such as automatic scoring and essay proofreading across all the subjects, including math, Korean, social studies, and science.


LearnAbout English is an innovative English learning program that provides one-on-one, customized proofreading services by Australian instructors. The AI mobile app compliments and encourage students to make it exciting and fun to study English.



Meet Baby Shark’s family with Pinkfong Pen and Pinkfong Beam. Tap a play sticker with Pinkfong sound pen to play the video on Pinkfong Beam. Pinkfong Pen, capable of reading aloud all the books and learning materials, and Pinkfong Beam, storing over 1,000 episodes of content, are steady best sellers.


English Egg

Tap the Plingboard with Pling Pen to play English videos for children on PlingPling connected to TV. With Pling system, children can play the videos they want to watch. They can use Pling Pen to read books and listen to songs in English whenever, wherever.


Hansol Edu

Tap the book with Bluetooth-enabled Fishtalk to play the video content on the synced application. With Fishtalk, children can view videos without touching smartphones or tablets, safely protecting them from accessing harmful content.



The planner for YOLO travelers and daily business quote journal by Book21 can be used with Neo smartpen. When you underline memorable phrases or take notes, that page and your scribble are saved on the Neo Notes app.

Wisdom House

Use Neo smartpen on the manual transcription series by Wisdom House to digitalize and save your handwriting on Neo Notes, then share, edit, and play videos to add pizzazz to handwriting.

Enterprise Form

Korean Forest Service

When a forest inspector in the field ticks a checkmark on the relevant item with Neo smartpen, the data can be handled by the integrated management system.


The medical chart solution by InformDS from India instantly digitalizes and saves doctors’ prescriptions handwritten with Neo smartpen. Doctors and patients save and manage prescriptions through the app, and also make appointments. This was a new feature added to accommodate India’s geographical conditions.


Field Data Integrators
Capturx Forms Solution, by Field Data Integrators, is an enterprise digital forms data collection platform built on Microsoft SharePoint that bridges the digital/paper divide. We provides IT-Friendly, D-I-Y, mobile forms solutions for modern digital devices and NeoLab smartpens, synced with your data system, in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. We excel at process re-engineering for paper based forms data collection regardless of whether you are sticking with paper, using a hybrid paper and tablet model, or moving completely to a digital platform. Learn more at Field Data Integrators LLC or contact us at

Audio Guide


Chūson-ji is one of the four most renowned Buddhist temples in Japan, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ncode printed on the guide map to Chūson-ji enables visitors to tap different points with a sound pen to listen to relevant information.  



Line Friends

Neo smartpen collaborated with Brown, the quiet but warmhearted bear from Line Friends. Accentuated by a small Brown figure, the Line Friends edition is equipped with all the basic Neo smartpen features and more: by checking the Line Messenger icon on paper, your handwritten message can be sent instantly.


Seoul National Univ.

Ncode technology is applied to the notebooks for scientific research and business administration studies at Seoul National University, to save, edit, and share the handwritten notes digitally. No matter how old it is, research outcomes recorded with Neo smartpen can be quickly searched through Neo Notes.


Korea Univ.

Applying Ncode technology on Korea University’s planner and desk calendar enables smart schedule management.


Kim Jung Gi

Kim Jung Gi is a live-drawing genius who builds compositions without any rough sketch. Neo smartpen’s Kim Jung Gi edition is carefully produced with his personal touch, from the notebook paper to the cover and package design. Doodle away with this special edition.


John Mayer

In celebration of singer-songwriter John Mayer’s 40th birthday, his longtime friend David Ryan Harris commissioned a set of customized pen and notebook for writing songs. We gifted one precious notebook with David’s heartfelt letter, 99 notebooks with John Mayer’s logo, and a Neo smartpen to use with them.


tvN The Brainiacs

The Brainiacs is an intellectually stimulating game show.

tvN Kwak Seung-jun's Coolkkadang

Kwak Seung-jun’s Coolkkadang is a talk show discussing hot issues and life trajectories of the “2040 generation”.

Channel A Heart Signal 2

Heart Signal 2 is a heart-thumping reality dating show that brings romance back into your life.

JTBC Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is a variety show that approaches foreign customers with high-quality products from Korea.

JTBC Secret Love

Secret Love is a reality show featuring five couples who live under one roof with the mission to hide their true partners.

SPOTV Star K Idol League

Idol League is the perfect promotion for idol stars, created by SPOTV’s entertainment channel “Star K”.


We can provide services to write guestbooks and reviews for interactive events with the visitors, or introduce exhibitions and events through audio guides. You can plan exhibitions and events using NeoLAB Convergence technologies.


Send your handwriting to G-Dragon 

Peace Minus One is a collaborative project by Bigbang’s G-Dragon and contemporary artists in an effort to generate a sophisticated convergence of modern art and pop culture, as well as to raise public interest on modern art. We produced “Secret Room,” which combines the Neo smartpen and Ncode technology to create a space for visitors to write their messages to G-Dragon or exhibition reviews. The messages written on colorful notes were posted real-time on social media. Also, the physical notes were attached on the wall by the writers to generate an additional interactive art.  


Hyundai Card’s Super Talk

Hyundai Card’s Super Talk is a place to share ideas of the people from all walks of life who have reached the pinnacle of their fields. We placed sound pens and Ncode-printed brochures for the visitors to view the event and speaker information at a glance. 


World Knowledge Forum

World Knowledge Forum is the largest business forum in Asia organized by Maeil Business Newspaper, Korea’s leading economic and business newspaper. We installed special customer service kiosks all over the venue with monitors, Ncode brochures, and sound pens for the audience to access event information easily. 


Creating new value together

NeoLAB Convergence grows with our partners. Apply Ncode technology and products to your content to provide new experience to your customers.

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