From Paper to Digital, Two Worlds in One Pen

Write on paper to save digitally: Neo smartpen

Neo smartpen is a digital pen that digitalizes the writing on paper. Everything recorded on a piece of Ncode paper is instantly digitalized and saved in a synced device. Conveniently save, edit, and share the notes on the specialized app, Neo Notes.

Harmony of pen, paper, and app

With Neo smartpen, Ncode paper, and Neo Notes, all of your handwriting is digitalized instantly!

PEN ㅣ Neo smartpen

Neo smartpen is the slimmest optical pen in the world. Anyone can use it conveniently like a regular pen. Sensibly equipped with slim size, ergonomic grip, easy-to-change tip, and auto power-on at the moment of writing. Check out Neo smartpen N2 and Neo smartpen M1. The only difference between Neo smartpen N2, made with heavy duty aluminum, and Neo smartpen M1, made of light glass fiber, is the design: all the distinguished functions of Neo smartpens can be enjoyed by both.

Neo smartpen N2

11.5mm, 22g — slim Neo smartpen N2 is made of heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel that can withstand shocks and scratches. The pen body, in a trigonal prism shape, provides an ergonomic grip. Two stylish color options, titan black and silver white, are perfect for the users who love the reserved yet classy look.

Neo smartpen M1

10.4mm, 17g — clad in five fancy colors and made of glass fiber, Neo smartpen M1 is as light as a regular pen. The lightweight, cylindrical body provides a comfortable grip. Young and trendy with a simple design, we recommend Neo smartpen M1 to the users who prefer the playful and casual style.

APPLICATION | Companion Apps

Check out the applications you can use with Neo smartpen. It works with smartphones, tablets, and even PCs. We have a wide variety of applications that maximizes the utility of Neo smartpen. Neo Notes is the basic app to save, edit, and share digitalized handwriting. PaperTube allows you to create your own handwritten content video. Through Wordsoupe, you can memorize words more efficiently. Jot down your schedule on paper to save it directly on Google Calendar. Experience it all with Neo smartpen’s applications.


Neo Notes

It digitally saves the content you write down on paper on the synced device. You can save and digitalize handwritten text, while simultaneously recording audio. Also, handwritten documents can be edited and shared as multiple files. Take important notes on Neo Notes.

Android, iOS

Neo Notes Windows

To sync seven pens at once, use Neo Notes Windows. Up to seven pens, you can check handwritten content on one screen in real-time, and save them all when the group activity is finished. The handwriting video can also be saved, perfect for meetings and classes with many participants.

Windows 10


PaperTube is a video production app that creates your own studio whenever and wherever. You can concurrently capture the handwritten content and yourself. It’s a quick and easy way to create lecture videos.

Android, iOS


Wordsoupe is a multi-dimensional app for studying vocabulary. It helps students repeatedly write, listen, read, and speak words. You can learn vocabulary as you write the words with Neo smartpen.

Android, iOS *Only available in certain countries 


Create your own story with photos, handwriting, and drawing. Select the app’s recommended background color to quickly create a nice picture.


PAPER ㅣ N notebooks and Ncode paper

At a glance, N notebooks look just like any other paper. But they have the Ncode printed on them. We offer a wide variety of sizes and designs, including a small size that snuggly fits in the pocket, college notes for students, a planner for efficient schedule management, and an A4-sized drawing pad. You can also discover various special editions produced through collaboration with world-renowned brands. It’s very affordable, as it costs just as much as other notebooks. But are you still hesitant to purchase one? No problem. You can print Ncode paper at home through our Ncode PDF service.

*Ncode is NeoLAB Convergence’s core technology that prints nearly invisible micro codes on paper.

N notebooks

Ncode is printed on N notebooks. We produce a wide variety of notebooks that cater to the needs of designers, office workers, and students, to promote the universal application of our Neo smartpen.


Ncode PDF is a free service that allows you to print Ncode paper anywhere from a color laser printer. For the users to choose the Ncode paper they need, we provide the basic A4 and Letter sizes, and regularly update assorted templates such as meeting minutes, checklist, and the Cornell notes.

For customer service and support, click “Help”.

Designed for Developers


Anyone can develop applications for Neo smartpen. Download the SDK source code and sample code through Github. We support multiple development environments. Start developing your own Neo smartpen service with infinite possibilities, now.

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